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Jackie Fuchs, the former bassist for "Cherry Bomb" rockstars the Runaways, is on a three-time winning streak on Jeopardy! We at BUST have been long-time fans The Runaways, an all-female 70s rock band, and we're excited to see Jackie getting some spotlight. Fuchs played bass for the Runaways, under the name Jackie Fox, from 1975 until 1977 and has since returned to her birth name and became an attorney and writer living in Los Angeles.

As Pitchfork mentioned, she has also appeared on other TV game shows including her 2013 appearances on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and The Chase. According to her IMDB page, her first appearance on a game show was in 1980 when she was on The Dating Game.

Her first win was on December 14th when she won with $14,200. She then got her second win of $19,889 on December 17th which brought her total up to $34,089. She is now on her third win which happened last night, December 18th. 


J! Archive shows the two music-related questions in her first episode: Fuchs got the correct answer on one about B-52s but no one correctly got SZA. In her third episode, she got Carly Rae Jepson correct when asked for the artist behind “Call Me Maybe.”

Good luck with your winning streak, Jackie!

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