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I admit it: I'm "one of those people" who got into podcasts. This past year, I got so into them that I started texting friends about it, eager to share my excitement. "Is this an ad?" one friend responded. Another time, my roommate matched with a woman on Tinder who loved podcasts too, and confided in me, "I feel like I'm stealing your girl right now."

Yeah, okay. Maybe my obsession was getting a little out of hand. 


But what can I say, something about podcasts really does it for me. They're a healing and stimulating way to engage with the news, personal insights, historical info, or snapshots into other people's lives and stories. Now you can find a podcast on just about anything, and it's a major game-changer in terms of accessibility when it comes to sharing and consuming media. I'm all for it. That's why BUST is super excited for Werk It 2018, a Women's Podcast Festival which is happening November 12-17 at different venues scattered throughout New York City. 

This includes two full days at the beautiful Knockdown Center engaging in conversation, workshops, panels, and live-tapings with a huge line-up of incredible and influential women and nonbinary folks who are leading the future of podcasting. Meet editors, reporters, hosts, sound designers and more, and learn the basics of recording your own show. 

A couple of my favorite podcast creators and hosts are going to be there, like Kelly Tu from Nancy, which delves into the lives of queer folks and their history. I'm also looking forward to Kaitlin Prest of The Heart, a storytelling podcast rich in languid, poetic prose that goes on a deep exploration of love, sexuality, and intimacy. Other presenters include By The Book host Kristen Melnzer, Inner Hoe Uprising host Sam Riddell, and producer Jenna Weiss-Berman of Pineapple Street Media, formerly of Buzzfeed. Over 70 women and nonbinary folks in the field will be there, so you're sure to find someone who sparks your curiosity. 

It's going to be an incredible, upflifting, and ultra-fun week–we can't wait! 


To register, see event schedules and learn more, go to WNYC Studios.

top photo courtesy of WNYC Studios. 

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