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The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion show, pairing angel wings with bedazzled bras, has not even aired yet, and it is already embroiled in controversy. There’s that thing with Gigi Hadid, and that other thing with Katy Perry, but most importantly, Ashley Graham is here to call out the brand. Graham took to Instagram, posting a picture of herself with elaborate Victoria's Secret runway-inspired angel wings photoshopped in. She captioned it, “Got my wings!” and hashtagged Additional Elle, a size-inclusive lingerie brand with which Graham has a collection, and #thickthighssavelives, which is just true.

Graham has risen to fame for not only being a beautiful and talented model, but also for blatantly calling out the lack of body positivity and inclusivity in fashion. She has collaborated with Addition Elle for many years; it's a brand that encourages people to “be proud of your curves & feel sexy” and carries sizes between 12-26. Given that the average American woman’s pant size is around a 16, it’s a market that needs more attention — Ashley Graham is taking that on, and reminding everyone that thick-thighed baddies want cute lingerie, too.


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Victoria's Secret is a huge, national brand, so there is no feasible reason for them to ignore plus-sized women’s desire for sexy, fun lingerie, too. Shape up, Victoria's Secret!

Header photo via Addition Elle; Photo via Instagram/theashleygraham


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