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The 2017 edition of Halloween is fast-and-furiously coming upon us, and this year it feels more important than ever to bring our witchy side to the front and do all we can to scare off misogynism and take charge of the male gaze, in any way we can. And there seems to be no better way to do that than to join bad-ass feminist artist and performer Kembra Pfahler, who has been known for her fiendish feminism and her comandeering of the male gaze through producing provocative and patriarchy–smashing art since the 1980s: such as the time she sewed her vagina shut for Penthouse, to call out the core of the "imaginistic male desire." 


On October 30th, in an evening hosted by The Kitchen and the queer–film platform Dirty Looks, Kembra Pfahler returns to the New York art–scene in an unprecedented cinematic experience featuring an 80–minute screening of shorts either featuring Phahler or created by her, a a solo performance as well as a performance alongside her band The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black. Phahler will also premiere a brand new music video that was recently filmed at The Kitchen. 


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Pfahler is an advocate for what she calls "the art of available-ism" and believes that the best thing art can do is to "create raucous social commentary using what's, straightforwardly, available." Through music, visuals and her own body of work, and featuring some of her favorite collaborators, Pfahler sets out to create an evening that will reclaim the male gaze and "feminize exhausted patriarchal norms." 

In other words, this seems to be a night before Halloween to remember!   


What: Kembra Pfahler's Gloriously Fiendish Feminism 


When: October 30, @ 8 pm

Where: The Kitchen, 512 West 19th Street. 

Tickets: are $20 for general audience, $16 for students & seniors and are availble to buy at  


Photos courtesy of Kembra Pfahler/via Instagram. 

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