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Wonder Woman is your favorite feminist superhero, duh, but does the 2017 blockbuster hit do this iconic character justice? Unless you’re a huge comic fan, most people would agree the movie does a great job at explaining the back story, the inner struggle, and the extreme badass-ness of Wonder Woman. If you are a huge comic fan, you’re probably upset about the lack of BDSM and how lame Doctor Poison and Ares were – can’t blame you there.

Wonder Woman 2017 film


Luckily for us all, YouTube sensation Honest Trailers has come out with an honest Wonder Woman trailer for us all to agree on. The trailer asks the question: What if a female superhero movie wasn’t absolute garbage from beginning to end? Sorry, Poison Ivy and Cat Woman, there’s been a coup, and Wonder Woman is our queen now. The Honest Trailer hits the nail on the head when it comes to characterizing Wonder Woman as fully feminine and badass, and how the men in the movie still don’t know how to understand that. You mean she’s wearing a dress and a sword — but where’s she hold all the tampons then?

Joking about Wonder Woman’s origin story inside an origin story and the hilarious attempts to cover for Gal Gadot’s accent are right on point and clearly what we were all thinking. All in all, the trailer is indeed honest, but more importantly, it is direct, concise and exactly what we all said to our friends as we exited the theater and hid empty popcorn buckets somewhere. See the movie, watch this trailer, and nod along that yes, Wonder Woman is just the absolute best.

Check out the Honest Trailer below:



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