Beyoncé and Laverne Cox both rank high up on our list of celebrity women we love....both are talented in their fields, outspoken about feminism, and just incredibly cool. And now they’re teaming up! The problem? We don’t know what for yet.

Laverne shared the news on her Instagram earlier this week, writing, “Yes it's true. I am collaborating with @beyonce on a new project. #QueenBey herself. More details Sept. 6. #Beyonce #TransIsBeautiful.”



The announcement accompanied a clip of a recent Access Hollywood interview. In the interview, being asked how the collaboration came about, Laverne said, “I have no idea, to be perfectly honest, I’m like, does she pick out her biggest fans ever and let them work with her? It’s pretty amazing.”

She continued, “I met her at the Grammys for the first time earlier this year, and I thought the first time I would meet Beyoncé I would start crying and freak out, and I was always, literally for years, I’ve been like ‘I don’t want to freak out, I want to be really calm,’ and I thought I would cry, but I swear to you, a sense of calm comes over you when you meet the Queen.”


Beyoncé greeted Laverne and said she’d loved her Lip Sync performance, which, same.

September 6th can’t come soon enough!

Top photo: Still from "Telephone"

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