Things have been a little stressful in the United States recently, what with Trump's latest budget proposal announcement, which promises to slash 9 billion from the US Department of Education. It's understandable if you need a pick-me-up to distract you from the current state of the country. Look no further, because we now present to you: a toad in hats.

This little guy kept coming back to Chris Newsome's porch this past summer, so the Alabama resident decided to make his new pal some homemade hats. According to BuzzFeed, Newsome started making the hats to cheer up his friend's son (who had lost his own pet toad), and his plan worked. "He asked me if Mr. Toad was still coming to visit me every night," Newsome said. "To make him feel better, I sent him a photo to show that Mr. Toad was alive and well."

Behold the cuteness:



Photos via Chris Newsome's Reddit page

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