Instagram star Bunny Lucille is bringing curvy pin-up cartoon Hilda (illustrated by Duane Bryers) to life with beautiful, body-positive photos that recreate the 1950s illustrations. While she modernizes some of the pictures, like swapping out a mirror for an iPhone selfie, she gets other details down to a T, like bikinis made of flowers, a slice of watermelon with exactly two bites, and an unbuttoned red onesie.

Even though she has 50,000+ followers, she still has to deal with the criticism from trolls. When one hater commented that her boobs weren’t big enough to recreate one of the photos, she responded with “. . . It doesn’t matter what you or any sad souls like yourself say, I know who I am.” In a Q&A with Pinup Industry, Lucille said that she displays pictures with and without makeup and pictures that aren’t necessarily flattering “because those pics triggered something within me, and beautifully showed me that I choose to make peace with every part of my body. As I love myself, it gives freedom for others to do the same. #iamenough.” Preach, sister.


Peep some shots of this bae below, and follow her on Instagram @bunnylucille








Photos: Instagram, @bunnylucille 

Published July 27, 2017

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