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The moment so many people have been waiting for finally came this weekend, when several sources revealed Beyoncé did indeed give birth to twins. Queen Bey’s dad, Matthew Knowles, posted his congratulations to social media on Father’s Day, accompanied with the most “proud Granddad” pic ever.

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Back in February, Bey announced her pregnancy - which caused her to cancel a performance at Coachella - through an iconic photo shoot. Her fans have since been waiting for the fateful day when the Knowles-Carter family would grow by two.

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It’s rumored the babes' chromosomes are XX and XY, but the fam has yet to confirm the sexes or post any photos. Blue Ivy, Beyoncé and Jay Z’s first-born, is now five years old and is clearly adored by her superstar parents. 

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While Bey may attract a larger fandom than most moms, her growing family is proof that women are capable of anything. Whether they’re moms, multi-Grammy Award winners or both, all women should feel like they can reach any goal without limitation. Beyoncé is an unapologetic example of fighting for what you want, and for what you believe.


Congrats and much love to the family.

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