If you aren’t watching this live stream of kittens living in a giant dollhouse, what ARE you doing with your life, exactly?


Imagine Big Brother, only with kittens instead of people. Or imagine a giant dollhouse, only with kittens instead of dolls. Or imagine your desktop computer, only with kittens instead of spreadsheets.

That’s sort of like what watching the live stream “Keeping Up With the Kattarshians” is like, only NOT AS GOOD.


Coming at you straight outta Iceland, the livestream lets you spy on a family of four nine-week-old kittens as they spend their day in a dollhouse made just for them, complete with chairs they can sit in, bunk beds they can sleep in, a bathtub to curl up in, and a front lawn to play on.

With three different cameras to choose from, you can watch Guðni, Stubbur, Briet and Ronja go through their regular routine: eating, followed by playing, followed by sleeping, then repeated 1 million times.

Put together by an Icelandic news and entertainment website, the four orphaned kitties will live in the house until they are adopted, then they’ll be replaced by new kittehs. And don’t worry – they are taken out on a regular basis so they can play with humans, which is important to keep them from going rogue/feral, and the lights go out at night so they can have some kitty privacy.

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In case that’s not good enough for you, the entire project has the approval of the Icelandic Cat Protection Society, the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Society, and more. So don’t stress.

Make sure you tune into the livestream at least 105 times a day. Consider it part of your  self-care routine.

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