This weekend on SNL, Leslie Jones performed a sketch where she prepared to play Donald Trump. It began with her and Bobby Moynihan admiring Baldwin's rendition of the SCROTUS (So Called Ruler...) when Moynihan says, "He'll have so much material for the next four years." This lights up Leslie who responds with, "He's going to be doing this for the next four years? Doesn't Alec have other stuff to do?" Which begs the question, "But who's going to replace him?" And there it was, Leslie knew what she had to do — prove to Lorne Michales that she could be the next Trump — after all, "if Melissa played Spicer, why can't she play Trump?"

We see a montage of Leslie learning his speech patterns from footage as she slowly accumulates golden retrievers for eyebrows and transforms into the Donald. Her castmates question her motives, thinking there must be some social commentary behind it, but Leslie keeps it real saying, "I'm just giving America what it wants." And right she is, if we must bear the brunt of SCROTUS for the next four years, I certainly want Leslie Jones comedic representation of him every damn weekend.





Header photo from @lesdoggg

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