Pop Quiz 

By Emily Rems

Jazz Legend Ella Fitzgerald Had
The Most Swingin’ Sound Around


Ella Fitzgerald 1962 ed opt

An unparalleled jazz vocalist with incredible diction, crystal-clear tone, and mind-blowing improvisational abilities, Ella Fitzgerald was in a class all by herself. Think you know why the queen of scat was all that? Then take the quiz!

1) Ella was born on April 25, 1917, in _____.

a. Paris, France

b. New Orleans, Louisiana

c. Newport News, Virginia

d. Nutbush, Tennessee

2) When Ella was ___, her mother died and she was placed in an orphanage in the Bronx and then a reformatory in Hudson, NY, before she ran away to become a street performer in Harlem.

a. 10

b. 12

c. 15

d. 17

3) Which of the following titles was often used to describe Ella during her 60-year career?

a. “First Lady of Song”

b. “Queen of Jazz”

c. “Lady Ella”


d. All of the above

4) Ella died in 1996 at age 79 in Beverly Hills from _____.

a. Diabetes

b. Heroin overdose

c. Heart attack

d. Suicide by hanging

5) Complete the following Ella quote: “The only thing better than singing is ______.”

a. making love

b. fighting the patriarchy

c. more singing

d. money for singing


Answer Key: 1.c, 2.c, 3.d, 4.a, 5.c


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