Last night on The Daily Show, Trevor Noah joked about how this will be the first presidency where members of government will be receiving Trump’s thoughts at the same time as the general public — via Twitter. Along with dismissing security briefs and press conferences, Trump seems less concerned with actual policy making and more lured by the immediate rewards of Twitter. In a Twilight Zone way, this practice seems quite transparent — like a child, Trump tweets what he thinks — and though his thoughts are churlish, rash, and highly misguided, in a way we know what we are dealing with. Having said that, it is unprecedented and unpresidential and has turned the serious and rigorous responsibility of the office into a social media circus. If Trump’s actual tweets, like many current events, were once a plausible plotline for a Black Mirror episode, they have now become reality.

@TrumpMatureTrumpTwts has re-imagined Trump’s tweets as if they were coming from someone concerned with upholding the integrity of the office and in doing so demonstrates the Trump’s departure from mature, responsible, behavior. If you, like me, will miss Obama’s solemn articulations, please revel in these fantasy tweets:




Screen Shot 2017 01 06 at 11.17.44 AM copy



Trump Pearl Harbor copy



trumo ceremony




Screen Shot 2017 01 06 at 11.30.43 AM copy



trump media


Top photo via Facebook/Donald Trump, tweets from @MatureTrumpTwts


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