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Until recently, I didn’t have a favorite Kardashian/Jenner — no shade to KUWTK fans, but as far as reality TV goes, I’m more of a Real Housewives kinda gal — that is, until I discovered the Instagram account of Kirby Jenner, Kendall Jenner’s Birkenstock-wearing, party sub-eating, mustachioed twin brother. Kirby’s account, which has 365,000 followers (including Kendall and Kylie) documents the twins’ hilarious hijinks (mooning Justin Bieber's boat! Showing up to a fashion show dressed as a carrot!). “Kirby’s not real,” you say? “That’s a parody account,” you say? Well, I say (to borrow Kirby’s fave expression) SMDH! How could this image possibly be fake? I'll leave you to judge the rest for yourself: 
















Ever since I learned the word camuflage in my 4th grade spelling bee it's been my GO TO prank! It's kind of hard cause I'm SUPER colorblind but I make it work ;) #camulfage #TradeSecrets #MakeItWork #inspire #knowledge


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