10 Donald Trumpkins That Are Making America Scary Again

donald trumpkin by garz2000 d9qxk1lPhoto via Deviantart

With Halloween just around the corner, one spooky trend has started popping up on porches, in windows, and all over social media — the Donald Trumpkin. Zombies, vampires and werewolves are not that scary anymore, but the racist, mysoginistic demagogue running for President definitely is. From the #TrumpTapes to the endless verbal sewage of lies and hatred, we've got a lot of reasons to be terrified of the election results on November 8th. In honor of our favorite candy-filled holiday, we've compiled some of our favorite, terrible Trumpkins to remind you to register to vote and submit your ballot next month. 

1. Believe me, this pumpkin creation will spook all of the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood. 


CuV5KkoXYAIYjpEPhoto via Marcher Lord


2. He probably won't win the election, but at least he got 5th place in the Oklahoma State Fair.

CPS9M9ZUsAAXAu9Photo via Leslie Spears


3. This one's almost too realistic. You can practically feel the misogyny oozing from this orange-hued gourd. 

14553354 1147848558634675 820358583400005632 nPhoto via Natalie Phillips


4. This pint-sized Republican Party candidate will be a great addition to your spooky Halloween party decorations 

CPZaVPLUsAAWc1uPhoto via @thatsoashlin


5. Trump: "Nobody respects women more than I do."  Every woman in America: 

14566569 987939344664853 2769036763727921152 nPhoto via Lisa Barker


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6. Donald Trumpkin Carving Tip #48: pumpkin guts make for an excellent hairpiece (bonus: rotting pumpkin smell to emphasize how Trump will ruin America) 

12106264 1676055645971691 1839185135 nPhoto via Monique Hawke


7. Caption: "We bought this pumpkin because it kind of looked like an asshole. Now it has the haircut to match. #Trumpkin" 

CSChToAWoAAJxpUPhoto via Emily Fajardo


8. Classic pumpkin design. Spotted in Union Square: 

14723088 1656298668033682 9137303117035995136 nPhoto via @constantinliel


9. Techincally not pumpkin carving, but the fake hair is a nice touch, really captures his insane, hate-mongering essence. 




10. Last but not least, we proudly present the Donald Trumpkin Spiced Latte. 

14487173 359291144410383 1156519600574169088 nPhoto via Trumpkin

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