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As an INFJ, there is nothing more precious to me than alone time. Ask me to describe my perfect weekend and I’ll tell you it’s just me, myself, a book or two, and a candlelit bath, devoid of the pressure to hold a conversation with anyone that I know will eventually result in an awkward silence, during which I stare at the floor and shuffle my feet and maybe burp. Also, ask me how many times in this past week alone I’ve sent “Hey sorry, I actually can’t go out tonight, I’m not feeling well” texts, and then just sat on my couch binge-watching The X-Files and having lo mein delivered to my door. Just kidding, don’t ask me that — I am ashamed.   

Supposedly, as humans or whatever, we need some social interaction to survive, but I think it’s fair to say that we introverted types require less than others. In fact, I’ll take the minimal amount required to ensure my survival, please.


As of yesterday, introverts of varying degrees proved this to be a widespread sentiment, when an army of supposedly “shy” and quiet folk stormed the Twittersphere and birthed the hashtag #confessionsofanintrovert. The tweets are painfully, and I mean PAINFULLY relatable, but so f*cking funny. Of course, as I was reading them, I was locked away in my bedroom, laughing to myself and the little fruit fly on my wall.

Check out some of my favorite tweets below and let us know if you have any #confessionsofanintrovert to share.



dreaded phonecalls copy


ok this is me as HELL copy


joanne copy copy


Teacher copy



Kim K Tweet Copy


me yesterday copy

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