a squid

Having a rough day? Because honestly, same. It’s one of those days that I spend publicly venting to no one in particular on Twitter, begging people to send me photos of their dogs or cats or literally anything that is cute, cuddly, and might make me smile for a second. You feel? If so, allow me to present to you this cartoonish, googly-eyed lil’ fella who miraculously managed to up my mood a notch. 

The scientists in this video were baffled when they saw the creature, making some very serious, diagnostic scientific comments like: “What is it?” one asks. Another responds, “It’s got weird eyes,” and another, laughing, “It looks like they were painted on.”


According to the E/V Nautilus' YouTube channel, this big-eyed, very-purple ball of happiness is actually called a Stubby Squid. That’s right. A Stubby Squid. EVEN ITS NAME IS CUTE AS HECK (I am literally screaming, guys). It’s a species that looks like the lovechild of a squid and an octopus, but its closest relative is actually the cuttlefish. More like…cuddlefish, amirite? (*crickets chirping*) 

If you're looking to adopt one as a pet, because I certainly am, they reside on the bottom of the ocean floor. And when you bring one home for its first home-cooked meal, be sure you have some fresh, salt-watery shrimp or small fish at the ready, because they're kind of picky eaters. Also, I hope you have a large bathtub.

I hope this video of the little squish, just chillin' and being adorable and whatnot, brightens your day as much as it did mine. I want to squeeze it. And love it. And stare into its angelic eyes for the rest of my days. Amen. 

Image via YouTube

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