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The Golden Girls are coming to the theatre in puppet format. Yupp, you heard that right. The four seniors are hitting Off-Broadway this fall, courtesy of Jonathan Rockefeller’s That Golden Girl’s Shows: A Puppet Parody.

The show will give the ultimate Golden Girls experience, great for old and new fans alike. You can expect cheesecake, jazzercise, and a whole lot of laughter, from the puppets who will embody pop culture’s four funniest seniors in 1985 Miami. Classic Golden Girls scenarios will be parodied with “new razor-sharp gags and put-downs.”


The puppet parody will be complete with Rose’s tales of St. Olaf, the many schemes of Sophia, Blanche’s infamous sex life, and Dorothy’s sarcastic style of dealing with life.

Rockefeller’s earlier Golden Girls parody themed show Thank You For Being A Friend sold out in Australia and Canada and received stellar reviews.

The show will run from September 19-December 11, with opening night on October 3, in New York City at the DR2 theater.


Tickets can be purchased at Ticketmaster.com or by calling 1-800 982-2787. Learn more at www.thatgoldengirlsshow.com

Image: Golden Girls

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