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It’s so hard for men to be successful. They work and work and work and just can’t seem to see the same success as their female counterparts. Take the comedy industry, for example. Very few men land feature roles in movies, sitcoms, and talk shows. Why? Well, it comes down to the basic truth that men just aren’t funny. They just aren't, okay?

Now, we finally have some answers to what we’ve all wondered: Why aren’t men funny? In a new promo for the upcoming Emmys, People brought together five nominees to discuss the burning question.


Nominees Kate McKinnon, Allison Janney, Niecy Nash, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Samantha Bee gave a number of reasons: “their voices are so shrill” (Bee) and “would anyone ever greenlight an all-male comedy?” (Ross).

Can men ever be funny?

"Personally, I haven't seen it," Janney said.

Nash doesn't want aspiring male comedians to give up on trying, though.

 "We might get there in another couple years," Nash said. "We're ramping up."


Check out the cheeky promo below.


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