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There is a myriad of reasons to love our First Family. It’s actually a proven fact that the Obamas are cutest, most amiable presidential family in our nation’s history (fact source: my brain). Their love for one another is palpable, they have two painfully adorable dogs (shout-out to Bo and Sunny, I hope the two of you are having a swell day), and despite their White House residency and, eh, the semi-important role they play in protecting the well-being of our country, they’re SO down-to-earth.

So down-to-earth, in fact, that the younger of our POTUS’s daughters, Sasha, has been spending her summer days working at a seafood restaurant. Rather than basking in the luxuries of our nation’s capital, the 15-year-old First Daughter has been busing tables, working a cash register, and delivering takeout to hungry customers at Nancy’s, a family restaurant on the Massachusetts island, Martha’s Vineyard. Though Sasha, who has been using her full name (Natasha) at work, is never without the protection of a few Secret Service agents, the job is far from glamorous, and we love seeing her stay grounded in the restaurant’s blue t-shirt and baseball cap.  


Of course, nothing positive can be said about the Obamas lest a few trolls try to rain on everyone’s posi-parade. BBC shared this tidbit on Twitter yesterday, and after reading through some of the responses, my eyes had rolled so far back into my skull, I thought I’d never find them again. 

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annoying tweets 2

 annoying tweets 1 

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Imagine the heat the Obamas would take if they didn't try to instill normalcy and hardworking values in their daughters' lives. Trolls would be mad about that, too, because then they would simply be "entitled." Ugghhhh.

Whether y’all like it or not, the Obamas know how to keep it real. Good luck to any future First Families who try to out-cool this one. Bye, haters. *hair flip*


Top photo: Facebook/Barack Obama

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