young tim kaine

The Democratic National Convention has been quite an interesting mixture of inspiration, anger, and entertainment. Last night we were introduced to Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine and his plethora of dad jokes. We got to see our goofy uncle Joe Biden use his favorite word “malarkey” against Donald Trump. We got to hear President Obama give another one of his classically enchanting speeches. Last but certainly not least, we got a surprise visit from the first female Democratic nominee herself, Hillary Clinton. At the beginning of his speech, Obama mentioned that he had spent the last eight years aging rapidly. Well Obama, you’re still quite handsome. But we’ve taken a moment to gather some pics of these Democrats from when they were young and hot.

joe biden 1976


 Joe Biden Circa 1976 is totally channelling Chevy Chase here.

hillary clinton young

Damn Hillary! In the words of Cher Horowitz... she's was total betty.

young obama

Young Obama looking off pensively into the distance. Sighhhhhhh...

young bill clinton

Just look at Bill Clinton's smoldering eyes. 

joe biden silver fox

Joe Biden when he was still in his early stages of silver fox status. 

tim kaine family

Tim Kaine is such a cute family man! Now we know where all his Dad jokes come from. 

hill outside

Hill is looking good with her hair blowing in the wind! 

tim kaine dad


Could Tim Kaine be any more adorable???

michelle obama ballet

Who knew Michelle Obama was a ballerina? Is there anything she can't do?

handsome joe biden

 Joe Biden was totally the most handsome guy in school. 

michelle and barack

Michelle and Barack were the cutest couple ever!

regal bill

Bill is oh so regal! 

intern hillary

Hillary as an intern with congress in 1968. She was training to break glass ceilings!

young obama smiling

Don't worry Barack! You've still got that million dollar smile. 

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