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Samantha Bee wittingly and comically mocked the Republican National Convention last night on her show, Full Frontal With Samantha Bee. I’m sure the writing staff over at Full Frontal was overjoyed with all the hilariously disgusting material from the Convention, seeing that the jokes almost wrote themselves.

Samantha addressed a myriad of topics, like the fact that many Republican Party members turned down speaking opportunities—because who really wants to be affiliated with Trump? She mocked the GOP’s far-right party platform, saying it was created by “locking a bunch of cranky church elders in a room, turning off the air-conditioning, and asking them who should go to Hell” — which is just too accurate. Plus, plenty of Mike Pence jokes to get your morning giggles out. For a smart and funny look at into the Convention, peep the whole video below.



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