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On Sunday, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani claimed that the Black Lives Matter movement is "inherently racist" and "anti-American." He went on to say it unfairly focuses on the murders of black Americans by police and ignores the crimes in black neighborhoods. Clearly, Giuliani is uninformed and doesn't understand racism AT ALL, and here to tell him are the women on The View

The women addressed Giuliani's comments, pointing out that Giuliani has a misguided understanding of the motives and goals of Black Lives Matter. Whoopi Goldberg said, "If you don't understand why people are marching, you are the problem." Later, Joy Behar spoke specifically to white Americans, saying, "People don't understand what it means to be white in this country... People in this country need to understand you have this privilege because of the color of your skin." 


Millions of Americans watch The View every morning, meaning millions of Americans—many of whom may be uninformed about Black Lives Matter —sat and listened to a panel of women talk about racism and Black Lives Matter, in an accessible and straightforward way. Could they be more progressive in their stance and statements? Yes, but it is important and significant that these issues are finally being addressed on day-time television. Check out the clip below.

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