Lenk Lewks Redo

Tom Lenk has recently taken Instagram by storm; and not just because he played the character Andrew in the beloved television series, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Lately, Lenk has been gaining followers as a result of serving fire #lewks, in which he remakes stand-out red carpet fashion using inexpensive, everyday materials. Check out some of his hilarious interpretations under his hashtag #LenkLewkForLess, below, and see even more on his Instagram.

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Lenk Lewks Redo

"Get that Brit Brit KRYSMUHS in the summer#LenkLewkForLess! STAHKINGS, GYFT bows, faux HALLEBERRY twigs: $FREE from a box of KRYSMUHS stuff in the garage. PANEE hose and bra (now permanently covered in red glitter, it's ok, it's on theme for @shaniatwain's most recent tour, I'll send to her costumer) Always $FREE from my costume bin. Dance Belt: $FREE from my days in @rockofagesmusical on BRAWDWAY. Britney's LEWK is barely there, but GEEZUZ, so's my budget! Skimp MOAR and wear LESS, with @britneyspears and #LenkLewkForLess. #hausholdhifashun #mickeymausonthecrotch"


"GREESE IS THE WERD and is all over your hands after you make this @fritolay #CHIPWIG modeled and HAWT GLEWED together by my HAWT LADEEPAL/blogstress @courteandresen $6 for a couple bags I think? LICK-UH-RISH rope @redvinescandy POMP-ADORE: $3 bucks for a bag at @pavillions? Handy wipes for after: $FREE from my bathroom. Get the @olivia_newton_john_ @johntravolta_ GREESE stranded at the Drive-in MEWVIE INTERMISSION SNAX LEWK with#LenkLewkForLess. (Just don't sing "SAAAANDEEE" cuz TBH, I always fast forward through that S*%T. Every MEWSICAL has a fast forward song. Cheer up Charlie. Feed the Birds. That Les Miz One where hey are singing through the fence and sound like a baby bird and a Frog got into a fight?! UGH!) PLAY WITH YOUR FEWD and get #HANGRY for #FASHUN with #LenkLewkForLess #flashbackfriday#nationalwigday"

Kristen Stewart

"@immzstewart is CILLING IT AT CANNES IN HAWT COUTURE. She's serving up early 2000's rave party meets #madmaxfuryroad warrior bride meets @robynkonichiwa "call your girlfriend" REALNESS. And you can too, for waaaay LESS, the#LenkLewkForLess! @stevenalan tote bags (OBVS not mine, that place is FANCEEE and I'm a#Maxanista), mesh Laundry bags, and a non slip rug pad: ALL OF IT 4 $FREE from my HAUS. Tho I may PAY FOR IT LATER AKA KARMIC LAYAWAY when I slip on the Rug. Small price to pay for#hausholdhifashun!"

Sarah Jessica Parker

"category iiiiiiiiiis: #ediblearrangements GET THE#lenklewkforless with this :100:% #edibleSJP LEWK. Isn't it DELISHYUS?! Hair: Penne, Rigatoni, & Ziti pasta. Cameo necklace: Rice cake, blue @frootloopsus, dehydrated blueberries & tortilla. Jacket and top: #missionflourtortillas with @nillawafers. Smokey Eye: crushed reduced fat (THIS IS FASHUN) @oreo cookies (I'm not even kidding) total cost with @vons #Pavillions saving card: $31.67 Total savings: $6.12 #metgala2016@metmuseum I think @sarahjessicaparker looked GORJ and loved the story of her LEWK and also ARE WE RELATED?!"


Images via Lenk's Facebook and Instagram 

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