Well, we found it. The best Instagram. @look_at_this_pusssy is an Instagram entirely devoted to finding everyday objects that look like labia. Founders Eva Sealove and Chelsea Jones started the account in 2014 and it grew immensely in popularity (for obvious reasons). The account features everything from trees to bed sheets to ravioli, each bearing its own unique similarities to a vagina. Nearly all of their posts are submissions from other users who have found a likeness in an unlikely place. The abundance and variety of posts verifies the statement made in their description that “almost nothing is not a pussy.” 

pussy 7



Their posts are creative and interesting and celebrate “pussy” rather than hiding it or shaming it. One of their posts sums it up well in its caption: “She doesn’t want to be ‘de-sexualized.’ She wants to be de-shamed, de-fetishized, de-criminalized, normalized… She wants to live in her body and find a home in it. She wants to be sexualized as an individual human person, not a collection of parts.”











New Fall Issue d217c








If you just so happen to come across one of these oh-so-fortunate coincidences, snap a pcture and submit it!

All Pictures Via Instagram

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