Slut. Witch. What do these words have in common? Both have been used to put women in their place and to punish them for not conforming to societal norms.  Only now are women (and people of all genders!) reclaiming the words that have once used to malign them, and celebrating those labels!  Did someone say celebrate?  Sounds like we need a party up in here!

Slutist is a sex-positive feminist collective created in 2013 by Kristen Korvette. Slutist’s mission is “to uncover and undress the intersections between sex, gender, sexuality and feminism in art, entertainment, and politics while breaking down binaries of style/substance, brains/beauty, masculine/feminine, and virgin/whore.”

Legacy of the witch

Slutist is hosting their second annual Legacy of the Witch Festival this Saturday at Saint Vitus Bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. If you identify as a witch, or have witch-like tendencies, you’ll definitely need to come soak up the positive celebratory vibes!

The festival boasts musical performances by Wax Idols, Sabbath Assembly and Void Vision, along with burlesque performances by The Reverend Mother Flash, Bunny Buxom, Akynos, Dangrrr Doll, Miss Lana Monroe and Hera Sthetique. There will be witchy performance art courtesy of Gretchen Heinel & Luna Duran, Legacy Fatale, Morgan Claire Sirene, and Elena Kanagy-Loux, and visual arts by Gretchen Heinel.


image via David Seah on Flickrimage via David Seah on Flickr

Can you get your tarot read? OF COURSE, duh, thanks to Catland, Tarot Society, and Cat Cabral. Shop the vendors: Dana Glover, Heretical Sexts, Catland, Cult Sisters, Cozen NYC and Touch Me Vegan Skincare.

via TRF_Mr_Hyde on Flickrvia TRF_Mr_Hyde on Flickr

Learn more about the event on their website!  A portion of the proceeds from limited edition merch and artwork by local artists will go towards RAINN: Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network.  It's gonna be a good party for a good cause.  Get your tickets now and blessed be!

New Fall Issue d217c

featured image via M Ryan Taylor on Flickr


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