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Female health company Clue recently shared an internationally comprehensive list of period euphemisms! Not only is the company adding to the dialogue about menstrual health, but they’re engaging and inviting ways to talk positively about our period. While a little disheartened that there are some negative associations with periods, like the Portuguese euphemism “estar de bode,” which translates as “being bad,” the fact that we’re talking about periods is good. At least the depiction is honest, sometimes having your period sucks. But it's great we have the language to talk about it, that’s pretty powerful. So let us all ride the crimson tide and check out some of these hilarious euphemisms.

1. It’s raining in the farm
Chovendo na horta (Portuguese)
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Those crops might grow funny.


2. Strawberry week 
Erdbeertage (German)
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Because, yeah. I guess.

3. I have my things
Le mie cose (Italian)
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All the things.

4. Communists in the gazebo
Kommunister i lysthuset (Danish)
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I guess that's a good place for them to be?

5. Not convenient
不方便 (Chinese)
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It’s not.

6. Arrival of Matthew Perry
ペリー来航 (Chinese)
Screenshot 2016 03 30 at 2.30.04 PMImage from TwitterI don’t know why this is a thing, but I’m okay with it.

7.  Defrosting the steak
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Descongelar el Bistec (Spanish)
Not entirely autonomically correct.

8. The British army landed in my panty
Les anglais ont débarqué dans ma culotte (French)
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Image from FlickrIt’s a reference to the Napoleonic wars and the British’s red uniforms

9. Ketchup week
La semaine Ketchup (French)
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Can I get some fries with that?


10.  It’s a crime scene in my panty
C’est une scène de crime dans ma culotte (French)
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Free bleed on.

Image from Twitter/Flickr

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