Mean Girls

Tina Fey is baking us “a cake filled with rainbows and smiles” in the form of a hotly-anticipated Broadway musical based on her film Mean Girls! Fey has been dropping hints that we might soon see our favorite film on the Great White Way. She says she is making the musical “happen” with the help of her composer husband, Jeff Richmond, as well as lyricist Nell Benjamin, who worked on the successful stage adaptation of Legally Blonde.


Brace yourselves, it’s time to re-open the Burn Book! On Andy Cohen’s show Watch What Happens Live, Fey dished she would not step back into the shoes of Ms. Norbury, nor did she plan to ask any of the other original cast members to be involved. Burn! We can also expect the music to be more show tunes than pop. When asked if the musical version would be just like our beloved movie, Fey confessed, “It’s pretty close...we just haven’t finished it yet.”

Don’t worry, you have plenty of time to practice trust-falls and heal up from that unfortunate bus accident before tickets go on sale: Fey predicts the musical will be ready by 2027, or “whenever Hamilton closes.” That’s so long away, “fetch” might actually happen by then! Just think: someday you’ll be able to say “Get in, loser, we’re going to Mean Girls on Broadway!” 



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