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Deep in the San Marcos Valley resides the RealDoll factory, a manufacturer that specializes in silicone bodies, with PVC skeletons, to please the lonely at heart. The dolls sell worldwide for around $6500, but most are made domestically, and most surprisingly, for non-sexual reasons. Robert Benson, a commercial photographer, exposes the RealDoll assembly line in a series of photos that are definitely eerie, and somewhat disturbing. In Benson’s series, he captures the poignancy of sexuality without love, personified by suspended silicone bodies, stacked in a warehouse like cattle on meathooks.

With 18 different body types, the series presents the dolls transformation from sculpture, assembly to shipping. Detachable faces dry on colored paper after custom sculpting, just a few of the 39 available options. Bodies weighing 60 to 80 pounds, with aesthetically-pleasing erogenous zones, circulate on chain suspension, awaiting removable faces. Nipple color and size is laid out in a preferential chart, with telling names ranging from ‘Texas’ and ‘Big Mama’ to ‘Blush.’ The founder of RealDoll, Matthew McMullen, an artist and sculptor, elaborates that  the variety and range has always been as expansive as human tastes and desires.

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Images Via Robert Benson

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