Buffy loving

Buffy The Vampire Slayer has re-entered many people's lives thanks to our lord and savior Netflix.  As your significant other forces you to watch the musical episode for the thirtieth time, take some time to order them the perfect Buffy Valentine.

1. Print out this nifty set of Buffy cards and cut them up, elementary school Valentine’s Day party style.

Buffy Valentines


2. If you are looking for something a little higher quility and didn't wait until Valentines Day to think of geting a card, you should order from The Feminist Bakery

Buffy Card

Buffy Card


3. You'll spike more than their heart with this card from ExGirlfriendsCards.


4. You know what they say: Couples that brood together stay together...until they have sex and one of them turns evil because of a gypsy curse. Tell them how much you love brooding for them with this card from SweetGeeks.

Buffy and Angel

5. Nothing says "ILY" like novelty Buffy and Angel Earrings.

Buffy angel earrings

6. Show them you care and think about their safety by giving them this groovy Mr. Pointy Necklace from AmbergDesigns.

Mr pointy necklace

7. Stake them where it counts with this necklace from CreativeTsuara.

Stake my heart

8. Give the gift of snuggles with this awesome Sunnydale pullover from TVmerch.

Sunnydale sweat shirt copy


9. This plush Mr. Pointy from ThreeDegrees is a cuddly AF alternative to a teddy bear. 

Mr. Pointy

10. This "Welcome to the Hellmouth" throw pillow from Craft Encounters is the perfect accent piece for the chosen one in your life. 

 Hell mouth pillow

11. Weapon magnets from Paul Bova mean it's real.

weapon magnents

12. Give your Valentine the means to create some angsty Buffy-inspired poetry with magnetic words from Logophiles Anonymous.

Vampire fridge poetry

13. Show them you want to be there for coffee in the morning with these Sunnydale High mugs from Famedazed. 

Sunnydale Mugs

15. Angel, Buffy and Spike are muggin' on these mugs that show the world's broodiest love triangle from ByCandleLight27


I hope these gifts will help you to show your favorite Buffy fan that you know you have better taste in significant others than Buffy, you would absolutely bring them back from hell to save them from eternal torture and you love them so much you would totally lock them up in the library every full moon. 

Happy Slayentines <3

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