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Within the first five minutes of talking to Natalie Wall, the creator and host of "Awkward Sex… and the City," she casually mentions queefing and fisting. And so goes the show. It is a storytelling ode to the universal experience of sex as awkward, weird, silly, hot, and awesome (sometimes all at once, sometimes distinctly not). It takes place in the small (one might even call it intimate) lower level of The Pleasure Chest, the perfect venue for a bunch of hot and fabulous women (and one delightful man) to share all the hilariously real elements of their sexual adventures.

Natalie’s one piece of sex advice to the universe? Well, there were two: “Use a condom and be honest.”


"Awkward Sex... and the City" is January 15, 8pm at The Pleasure Chest. Tickets are $15 online, $20 at the door, and you get free booze and 15% off Pleasure Chest merchandise. Check them out!

Image: Meredith Truax


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