Donald Trump now has a beautiful shrine in his honor composed completely out of what he and his political philosophies are made of–dicks. This mosaic photo that represents the likeness of the Donald employs 500 shades of dick, and was uploaded to Reddit four days ago.


Reddit users started tweeting at Trump in an attempt to get him to retweet the mosaic.


If you look at it from far away it's hilarious, and if you look at it up close, it's still hilarious. I like that it kind of looks like there is one sticking out of his nostril. Next time you see Trump spewing his campaign garbage in yet another undeserved news interview, just remember that someone made a picture of him out of dicks, and there was also the time when he was painted with menstrual blood.

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Plus, if ever you don't know what to do with all of those unsolicited dick pics on your phone, think of this as your inspiration. Oh, the possibilities!

Cheers to this Reddit user for his or her artistry!

Photos via Facebook/Donald J. Trump and Reddit/FutureFormerRedditor.

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