If you've ever tried to give a dog a bath, you understand what a struggle it is. Most dogs really despise it, and it's a fight to get them in the tub and make them stay. Even after the bath, they are so dramatic about it, running around as if they're suffering, rubbing their faces on the carpet like little freaks. As the human in this interaction though, it's pretty adorable. Sophie Gamand recognized this and decided to devote a book of photography to wet dogs. 


In the introduction of her book Wet Dog, Gamand writes, "There is no experience more humiliating for a dog than taking a bath. Soaking wet, they wiggle themselves out of our soapy grasp in a desperate attempt to escape their fate. Yet at that exact moment when they turn their miserable, sad eyes up at us, wet dogs are the sweetest, most heartwarming creatures in the world."

After flipping through the pages of Wet Dog, I couldn't agree more. The pictures made me laugh out loud and squeal "AWWWW" over and over again. Here are a few of my favorites photographs from the book. Enjoy!


Wet Dog by Sophie Gamand is available now. For more information on the book, where to find it, and these adorable pooches, visit Gamand's website.

"Wet dogs are the most affectionate creatures in the world." - Ambrose Bierce

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