Jesse Jane McParland, a 9-year-old from Ireland, is making her way across the Internet in this Nov. 4 video of her killing it while performing in a martial arts competition. There is seriously something so refreshing about this girl’s obvious passion for her sport. Around 1:35, when she releases an epic scream followed by an open-fisted punch, you know that there is nothing on this Earth that gives her a feeling quite like when she’s wielding her sword in front of an audience.


This is not the first time that McParland’s sword-handling skills have been seen by thousands. Earlier this year she appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, where she performed her mighty routine and said she hoped it would impress Simon Cowell “ because he is the boss of One Directon.”


McParland also said on the show that she used to do ballet and Irish dancing, but she didn’t like it. Obviously she found her home in the sport of karate, and I’m glad she’s showing other girls how awesome it is to sword like a boss. I’d like to see the vicious members of the Cobra Kai dojo try to sweep the leg of this little lady—she’d unleash that mighty scream and show them who’s the real Karate Kid. 


Photo via Youtube/Britain's Got Talent.

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