Ariana Grande SHOWED UP to her on-air interview with the misogynist radio hosts at Power 106 in Los Angeles. The singer, whose new single "Focus" released last week, totally tells these radio hosts how it is when they hit her with a non-stop barrage of sexist questions.

They are so frustrating that I want to jump into the computer screen and hit them over the head. One day technology will allow this to happen, but until then, it's all good – Ariana can take care of herself. 


They start by asking her if she had to choose between using makeup or her phone one last time, which she would pick. Frustrating sexist banter ensues. 

The infuriating thing is that each time she answers a question, the hosts twist her answer into a "gender typical," response.

"Ladies, learn!" 



And then, when she talks about what she wants to change in the world including racism and sexism and says to the host, "We'll start with you though," he seems legitimately confused about what she is saying. As though every word that came out of his mouth wasn't a sexist remark. 

Hope this is your wakeup call, dudes at Power 106. Keep slaying Ariana. You're right, we have a lot of work to do. 

Photo via YouTube

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