The Lady to Lady podcast is not for the tenderhearted. And with Margaret Cho joining hilarious hosts Barbara Gray, Brandie Posey, and Tess Barker for this week's podcast, no time was wasted in cutting to the goods. Topics range from The Pope to Louis CK's balls. "Can you keep a secret?" the hosts chime at the show's opening. "Neither can we!" 

These women are hilarious. They're the type of women that I just want to hang out with. I feel like, so comfortable with them and I haven't even met them. I feel like I could just waltz in to their bedroom(s) and rattle off all my stupid minutiae, and they'd probably come right back at me with profoundly LOL insight. They turn the simple things into gold and speak only the truth--which is comedy at it's best. They're smart, they're strong, they're badass women. I think they're people we can all look up to. 


Make-up...debit cards lost in toilets...sexist social media trolls...sounds like a day in my life. But I don't always encounter these simple topics filtered through the female gaze, especially with such honesty and wit.

Margaret Cho is also AMAZING. The woman is a comedy genius! --Not to mention a human rights activist, a fashion designer, a singer/songwriter, and she's apparently starting a business where she 3D prints weed gift baskets filled with weed edibles. She's so intelligent! And she's so funny! I just love her!.. like maybe I should be composing a love letter to her right now instead of writing this blog post?

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I definitely encourage checking out this hour of smart-girl sleepover comfort food. You won't regret it. Unless you're a square in which case, can't help you. 

Photos: Facebook/Margaret Cho, Lady to Lady

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