Every piece of cinema Steve Buscemi touches turns to filmic gold, but the unscripted glory of Park Bench has me wondering whether his real calling lies in morning talk shows. 

Directed and hosted by Buscemi with help from sidekick Geo Orlando, Park Bench is a “local’s take” on “New York City and the people/places that make it special." Every episode for two seasons now has featured the same bench (literally, they have their own park bench on wheels and they cart it around the city) but a new crop of guests. And in Steve’s latest escapade – which is also the season finale –  he warms the bench by playing poker with Bridget Everett, Kathy Najimy, and Amber Tamblyn. 


That poker game then turns into a weird but thrilling visit from David Blaine in a leather jacket, then that visit eventually slides into a live performance by Miwa Gemini and the Main Squeeze Orchestra. 

Catch all twelve minutes of glorious awkward endearment below, or watch the full webisode on AOL here