man bun 

A well-crafted man bun is a powerful thing indeed, capable of bringing even the staunchest opponent of long manes to their knees. In recent months, I’ve ogled many a man bun myself – on the streets and online. But all this time, I’ve never come across a finer man bun than the one belonging to Brock O’Hurn, deemed King Of Man Buns by Buzzfeed earlier this year.

 A six-foot-seven 24-year-old LA-based, tanned, motorcycle riding, drool-worthy entrepreneur/personal trainer/aspiring actor, Brock is the hunk of your California dreams, complete with piercing blue eyes and cascading, sun-bronzed hair. It’s no wonder he’s become something of an Instagram celebrity. But Brock isn’t just a pretty face. He’s sensitive and compassionate and totally romance-novel worthy.


Exhibit A: Brock with baby


The newest edition to the O'Hurn Clan. 6 days old! My Nephew. I'm honored that his first name is one of my middle names. Welcome Vincent. I love you bud! #Blessed


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 Exhibit B: Brock with bunny


So I made a new friend in the streets of Ibiza

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 See also: Brock with boat and Brock with bike

 Ever since this man bun tutorial of sorts hit the Internet, scads of commenters have been clamoring for a looping version of Brock’s finest bun video moments. Ask, and ye shall receive BUSTies. This comes straight from Brock’s fan page:


 I bet we’ll be seeing Brock pop up elsewhere online in coming months as his hotness franchise continues to grow. His most immediate goal, however, is *drumroll* TO BUY HIS MOM A HOUSE. Ugh, I can’t. But I will. Again and Again.