Thinking about proposing to that special someone? Awesome, good for you! Thinking about uploading the image to Instagram or other social media platforms? Do. Not. Do. It. Why? Because your friends really don't care, despite the amount of attention the photo may get. Don't believe us? Here's proof: 

Zach Broussard is the brain behind this clever prank, and is no stranger to fake brags on social media. In fact, this comedian centers his entire act around Twitter goofs. His prank utilized random strangers proposing to his real life girlfriend of four years and vice versa. Although many people realized Broussard was not, in fact, the man proposing or that the woman he was proposing to wasn't his actual girlfriend, many people wished them both congratulations. 

The takeaway is obvious: we really do not care who you're getting engaged to. 

Original article via Huffington Post


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