American Girl has made a number of live-action movies. Their most recent movie, Grace Serves Up Success, is apparently great…with five glasses of wine. What American Girl has been missing, however, is a live-action action movie. In their hilarious new sketch, American Girl Doll: The Action Movie, Funny or Die has given us a taste of what could be.

Kirsten, Samantha, Kit, Addy, and Molly are back to fight their arch nemesis, Barbie. This is an interesting choice considering they’re both owned by Mattel. A narrator describes the characters as ”the same American Girl Dolls that you grew up with except they don't give a fuck.”


While some think American Girl is still thriving, others think it has strayed from its original purpose. American Girl’s target audience may be nine-year old girls, but maybe this is just what they need to recapture everyone’s heart. I’m sure it could make Mattel some serious cash. Who wouldn’t enjoy watching a squad of foul-mouthed, gun-wielding American Girls? 



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Image and video courtesy of Funny or Die