From vampires to aliens, ladies have been crushin’ on not-quite-human men for years. But now they’ve taken it one step further with Shabani the gorilla. Yes, unlike Angel from Buffy, he exists in real life, but he is also a primate. 

After pics of him began circulating on Twitter, ladies have been flocking to Higashiyama Zoo in Japan to see the strangely attractive gorilla in person.


“It's a perfect example of the Internet society,” Takayushi Ishikawa, a zoo spokesperson, told CNN. “We were very surprised by the phenomenon.” 

So were we, but a lot of us in the Bust office think Shabani’s got something to offer. (I'm not feelin' it, but to each her own!) What do you think?



Images via @phildeblank & @hapyyuka on Twitter & @shiho0601 on Instagram


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