Writer, musician, actress, and former BUST covergirl Carrie Brownstein is perhaps our favorite sentient being. And, as a sentient being, she understands you perfectly. 


She understands you when you’re on your period:

[screaming and crying: I don't want to feel like this anymore!]


And when you’re SO OVER some sexist bullshit about school dress codes, but also lookin’ bad as hell:

[messy hair, serious look]


When it’s another beautiful day to smash the patriarchy:

[on bike: I made a homemade quesadilla!]


When someone criticizes Beyonce:



When the new season of OITNB came out:


[jumping up and down]


When Texas lawmakers continued to restrict women’s access to abortions:

[I need this to end, and I wish it had never started]


When Hollywood is super sexist:

[this fact seems very unremarkable]


When someone says that they “don’t see color”:


 Thanks for perfectly capturing all our feels, Carrie.