In an age when un-retouched pictures of beautiful women are often considered scandalous, it can be kind of hard to keep up your own self-esteem. Yes, Beyoncé’s skin may not be perfectly ***Flawless, but who among us is without an occasional blemish? Looking "normal" is treated more and more like a deformity than simply being a human being (cellulite, stretch marks and acne, oh my!) and nobody can express how ridiculous this is better than the fierce and funny Amy Schumer. 

In five minutes she delivers a hilarious F-you to Hollywood’s obsession with a woman's physique, as well as the double standard's that exist for men and women in her profession and beyond. So for every girl who has ever looked at her reflection and thought “yaaassss” and then peeped a picture of Kate Upton and said “back to the bunker,” this is for you. Everybody knows being hungry isn't sexy or worth the trouble, and we're more than grateful to Ms. Schumer for reminding everybody of that fact. Enjoy that glass of wine and plate of ribs, ladies. You’ve all earned it. Watch the clip below! 




Also, check out the trailer for her upcoming movie, “Trainwreck”. 



Image c/o Comedy Central

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