It’s been a big week in female superhero universes. First Gwen Stacy was bitten by a radioactive spider, and now Catwoman has come out of the closet as bisexual!

In issue 39 of the Catwoman comics, Batman’s anti-hero kisses another woman. Genevieve Valentine, who took over the character’s spinoff  in October, couldn’t be happier that she’s established Selina Kyle as a “cannon bisexual,” which she describes as an “indispensable beat.” Catwoman has always been the queen of sex appeal, but now that she’s fully out of the closest, what does it mean for her story?


Genevieve marks that there will be a “relationship” between the kisser and the kissed, but fans who love the Catwoman and Batman dynamic shouldn’t feel let down. “Selina is a complicated person, she’s drawn to complicated people.” There’s no way Kyle is going to step down from this love triangle challenge.

Catwoman joins a diverse group of LGBT comic book characters, and we gotta say, it's one of our favorite trends to date:

New Fall Issue d217c

Batwoman  was introduced as a Lesbian in 2006

Northstar was probably one of the first gay superheroes.

Wiccan and his bae, Hulking

Prodigy is a bisexual X-men youth.

Karma is a refugee from Vietnam, the guardian of her younger siblings, and a prominent lesbian character. 

Images c/o DC and Marvel 

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