Adult Wednesday Addams has zero tolerance for catcallers and handles them in a way that only an Addams could: with swift and painful vengeance.

While minding her own damn business, a truck full of dudebros rides by this updated version of our favorite Addams family member, and one of them decides it's a good idea to tell her she'd look prettier if she smiled. He goes on to ask her to sit on his face, and even calls her a “goth bitch." But never f I won’t spoil the final bit, but it is very satisfying watching Wednesday flip the script on the assholes when she shows up at their place.



Not all of us can be a Wednesday Addams, so for those of us outside of the web-verse Hollaback recommends these steps for dealing with street harassers if you decide to confront them:


1. Be firm.  Look them in the eye and denounce their behavior with a strong, clear voice. The important thing is that you aren’t apologetic in your response in your statement.  Skip phrases like “I’m sorry, but…” or “excuse me sir…”

 2. Don’t engage.  Harassers may try to respond to your firm response.  They may try to engage you in further conversation or even make fun of you. As tempting as it may be get into a verbal war with them, we don’t recommend it. The attention may further feed their abusive behavior.

3. Keep moving. Once you’ve said your piece, keep it moving. Harassers don’t deserve the pleasure of your company.

Thanks for starting our week with a little wish fulfillment, Wednesday.

 Image c/o Starlight

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