(Yep, that is a picture of HBC spooning a tuna.)

Helena Bonham Carter: a spectacular actress with a spectacular personality. We always knew she was quirky (in all the right ways), and now we have seven facts to prove it.


1. The fishy photo is part of a campaign to end overfishing by the Blue Marine Foundation. According to Carter, she is "actually very phobic about fish", but by the end of the shoot she reports that they had "truly bonded."

2. During Fight Club, she had her makeup artist apply Marla's makeup using only her left hand because of her knowledge of the character. She didn't believe Marla was the kind of person to put that much effort into cosmetics.  

3. More on Marla: her outfits and personality were based on Judy Garland's later life. HBC took this idea from the film's costume designer Michael Kaplan, but we can kind of see how she executed it perfectly in the dark role. 


4. She is a believer in having more than one drink at a time for dietary reasons, something she has coined as "multiple drinking." 

5. She has worn fake teeth in nearly half of her films: Planet of the ApesCharlie and the Chocolate Factory, and during all of the Harry Potter movies she was a part of. 

6. She has her mother, a psychotherapist, read her scripts and analyze the psyche of her characters. Her mother is compensated for the job.

7. She (along with Samantha Sage) created a fashion line called Pantaloonies, wherein you may fill out a questionnaire about your favorite flicks and receive custom-made pants based on your answers. A pair goes for 200 pounds, and most of the money goes to UNICEF. Helena has said of the business: “I do enjoy the irony of having this reputation for dressing badly and yet having started a fashion line, if you can call it that: a sartorial pariah working in fashion... The only problem is that I fall in love with each pair and don’t want to give them back. I’ve made pairs for friends and kept them for myself. I made some for my agent which say ‘special agent’ inside, but I love them so much she’s never going to get her hands on them.” 

Image via The Telegraph

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