We gotta say, we’re really digging the slew of hyper-suggestive artwork gracing book covers and movie theater walls lately (that Magic Mike XXL poster, anyone?). Visual parodies of male genitalia are basically inescapable, so we thought we might spread a little love to those illustrations honoring female sexuality. Whether intentional or not (okay, who are we kidding, they totally are), these seven works of art undoubtedly resemble lady regions, and we think they’re pretty rad.

  1. Nymphomaniac: Lars von Trier is one divisive dude, but this play on the emoticon is pretty clever.
  2. Tampa by Alissa Nutting: Did anyone else think “vagina” way before they realized that was a buttonhole? Uh huh.
  3. Black Swan, international poster: Maybe the most beautiful illustration on this list. Also some killer typography.
  4. My Secret Garden: Women’s Sexual Fantasies by Nancy Friday: Come on, now. You didn’t really think you’d make it through this list without seeing flower imagery, did you?
  5. Fear of Flying by Erica Jong: This novel has had so many suggestive covers printed over the years, it’s hard to choose just one.
  6. Teeth: Considering this is about a woman with a monstrous vagina, it’s maybe a bit on the nose. We’re still obsessed.
  7. Granta issue 110: Coin purse! That’s a euphemism, right?


Images c/o Indiewire, Northhollyhood.com, btchflicks.com, Goodreads, Granta