Vermont Teddy Bear Company has released a 50 Shades of Grey Christian Grey bear in anticipation of the film’s release next month. Per the product’s page:

Dominate Valentine’s Day this year. Give the one you want something that will obsess and possess them. With all of the trappings of a memorable gift—daring, passion, exciting next-to-skin touch, she’ll be desperate to get close. Bear seduces her with silky, smoky Grey fur; smoldering Grey eyes; a handsome grey suit and silver tie. He even comes with a mask and handcuffs. She can’t help but submit to loving him.


Because, regardless of her kinks or sexual preferences, no woman can resist a teddy bear. This gives a whole new meaning to the term "fluffy news."


Anyway, kudos to Vermont Teddy Bear for profiting off of the surefire cash cow that is the 50 Shades franchise. If the book adaptation’s existence means just one small business can flourish, we’re all for it. Or maybe we’re just too creeped out to think about this one too much.

Regardless, this guy can be yours for the teensy, worth it (?) sum of $89.99.

Image c/o Vermont Teddy Bear Co