It is now possible to stuff your gob (har) with real Bluth bananas! COME ON!

The banana stand from Arrested Development has moved out of your dreams and into your life with the “Original Frozen Banana Stand World Tour!” To promote Arrested Development’s upcoming fourth season, fans of the short-run but well-loved TV series can grab an authentic chocolate-covered banana from the big yellow joint itself.


Today the stand sets up in England, and soon it comes stateside to N.Y.C. and L.A. You can find out when it’s near you by following @ArrestedDev on Twitter.


If that’s not exciting enough, get this: the tour will feature SURPRISE APPEARANCES from the BLUTH FAMILY. Surprise. Appearances. From the Bluth family. Michael Cera! Will Arnett! Alia Shawkat! My mind just blue itself!

Season four of Arrested Development premieres on Netflix on May 26th. All 15 episodes of the new season will be released at once, so clear your schedule if you’re a fan like m'self. If you’re not a fan yet, get on that! You won’t be disappointed.


Photos via and @ArrestedDev.