If you don’t live next door to an old lady who insists on putting up creepy Easter decorations featuring deranged looking Easter Bunnies and chicks, you might not realize that Easter is a mere 12 days away!

Now that you know, please proceed to eat copious quantities of chocolate and candy to get into the festive spirit. Here at BUST, we’ve found the perfect treats for you from New York Mouth!


Check out this Passover taster:

Since my birth into a Roman Catholic family, I have had the constant weight of Catholic guilt on my shoulders. But now, I can praise the Lord by eating him!



Even though this may look a bit like something you’d find on a sidewalk, it is actually a La Dee Dah, which, according to the New York Mouth team “are the perfect little something – just-sweet-enough nougat provides an incredibly satisfying chew, while ribbons of sea-salted caramel swirl their way through to provide depth and contrast. Cap it off with a quick dip in a dark chocolate.” I thought you’d never ask.


A few years ago, my family began refusing to give me an Easter egg hunt. Sure, I may have been 24 years old but I still had feelings! This year, I plan to eat a bunch of these sunnyside up eggs to forget about all the hunting joy I am missing out on.

Get your hands on these goods over at  New York Mouth.

Images courtesy of newyorkmouth.com